Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2018 Spring State Cup tournament for the age group.

Girls Under 13 16 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 La Roca - PO South Weber 0436-01PG13-0255   Francisco Ovalle
 A2 Utah Celtic FC 05 Orem 0558-02CG13-8509   Steve Magleby
 A3 Utah Celtic FC 05 Green Orem 0558-02CG13-8521   Jennifer Rawlings
 A4 La Roca S-EJ Highland 0436-03SG13-0004   Elton Jazexhiu
 B1 Sparta 05 Premier AS Sandy 0116-01RG13-1260   Allyson Stainbrook
 B2 USA Premier 05G - DB Riverton 0202-01RG13-0017   Kris Lien
 B3 Wasatch Elite '05G - TM Layton 0402-01CG13-1305   Tom Morse
 B4 L30 Extreme G05 N Ogden 0430-01CG13-0415   Travis Cevering
 C1 Liverpool F.C. 05G SW Sandy 0826-01CG13-0230   Shaylee Wilson
 C2 Impact MA Salt Lake City 0101-01CG13-7243   Mansour Ariazand
 C3 Elite FC 05G Black Tooele 0203-01CG13-7201   Spencer Call
 C4 Arsenal AM '05 Lehi 0531-02CG13-1903   Athena Maher
 D1 Avalanche 05 ECNL Salt Lake City 0104-01NG13-0032   Amy LePeilbet
 D2 Utah Storm 05 - Andrew Mapleton 0523-01CG13-0254   Johnie Andrew
 D3 Avalanche 05 ECNL Black Salt Lake City 0104-01NG13-0050   Amy LePeilbet
 D4 Forza FC 05 DN Farmington 0446-02CG13-0255   David Newman

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