Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2020 Spring Orem Youth Soccer tournament for the age group.
Boys Under 10 15 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 BU10D2T01 - Vineyard A Vineyard 0529-05RB10-0108   Steve Friedmann
 A2 BU10D2T02 - Vineyard B Vineyard 0529-05RB10-0109   Tanner Gibb
 A3 BU10D2T03 - Orem Orem 0529-05RB10-0105   Casey Sullivan
 A4 BU10D2T04 - Westmore Orem 0529-05RB10-0111   Christopher Hageman
 A5 BU10D2T05 - Northridge Orem 0529-05RB10-0112   DeAnna Brown
 A6 BU10D2T06 - Vineyard D Vineyard 0529-05RB10-0113   James Rust
 A7 BU10D2T07 - Scera Park Orem 0529-05RB10-0106   Burke Day
 A8 BU10D2T08 - Vineyard C Vineyard 0529-05RB10-0110   Michelle Grimley
 A9 BU10D1T01-NW Orem/Lindon Orem 0529-05RB10-0100   Heather Ward
 A10 BU10D1T02-Bonneville Orem 0529-05RB10-0101   Tami Bonney
 A11 BU10D1T03-Cascade Orem 0529-05RB10-0102   Bryan Allen
 A12 BU10D1T04- Cherry Hill/Hillcrest Orem 0529-05RB10-0103   Riley Connors
 A13 BU10D1T05 - Foothill Orem 0529-05RB10-0104   David Michaelis
 A14 BU10D1T06 - Sharon/Orchard Orem 0529-05RB10-0107   Peggi Green
 A15 BU10D1T07 - North Orem n/a 0529-05RB10-0198   n/a

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