Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 Fall Utah Valley Competition League tournament for the age group.

Boys Under 15/16 10 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 EMYS Rangers Premier BU16 (FP) - Disbanded for Spr Eagle Mountain 0556-02DB16-0021   Felix Perez
 A2 NUCS Blak Pijeon 04 Lehi 0526-06DB16-1822   Trevor Thompson
 A3 NUCS Fuego FC 04/05 American Fork 0526-06DB16-1926   Mike Burgos
 A4 NUCS Hippo FC 05 Eagle Mountain 0526-06DB15-9024   Jake Harston
 A5 NUCS Impact 04 Pleasant Grove 0526-07DB16-3003   Eric Draney
 A6 NUCS Phoenix FC 05 Lehi 0526-06DB15-1741   Mike Shaw
 A7 NUCS Strikers 04 Saratoga Springs 0526-06DB16-1749   Zakary MacKay
 A8 Provo Fury FC - 01 - BU15 Provo 0562-01RB15-0007   Jose Razo
 A9 Rock Canyon FC Provo 0536-01DB16-0051   Jose Sanchez
 A10 Monrovia FC Saratoga Springs 0536-01DB16-0065   Tarnue Ali

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