Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2017/18 State Gaming League tournament for the age group.
Boys 9U North B (Spring) 10 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Wasatch SC '09B -CD Kaysville 0402-01XB09-1272   Colten Davis
 A2 Forza FC 09 CK North Salt Lake 0446-03XB09-0202   Chris Keddington
 A3 BE UNITED 09 AR Brigham City 0764-01XB09-4822   Angela Rountree
 A4 L30 Crossfire FC B09 - KJ West Point 0430-01XB09-0483   Kyle Jensen
 A5 SWAT '09B - AH (L30) North Ogden 0430-03XB09-0091   Kjell Andreas Hellstrand
 A6 Utah Surf Davis 09 KW Woods Cross 0457-03XB09-0120   Keith West
 A7 Rampage 09 MC Ogden 0438-01XB09-0199   Mark Crew
 A8 BE UNITED '09 JJ Brigham City 0764-01XB09-4843   Jason Jones
 A9 Wasatch SC '09B - BJ Ogden 0402-01XB09-1273   Bradley Jamison
 A10 Strikers AA Syracuse 0437-01XB09-0259   Adam Arnell