Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 Fall Utah Valley Competition League tournament for the age group.

Boys Under 10 21 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Nebo United 10 - JF Salem 0538-01DB10-2364   Joshua Fuller
 A2 NUCS Shockers 10 American Fork 0526-06DB10-1819   Douglas Edwards
 A3 NUCS Storm 10 American Fork 0526-06DB10-1828   Cameron Tolman
 A4 NUCS Warriors 10 Pleasant Grove 0526-06DB10-1946   Jared Smith
 A5 Utah Valley United Select 10B (KB) Orem 0529-03DB10-8609   Kyle Bowler
 A6 Utah Valley United 10B (AP) Orem 0529-03DB10-8610   Adam Pomeroy
 A7 EMYS Rangers Premier BU10 (SK) Eagle Mountain 0556-02DB10-0018   Scott Kramer
 A8 NUCS Club Lehi 10 Lehi 0526-06DB10-1907   Ben Anderson
 A9 NUCS Cobras 10 Lehi 0526-06DB10-1928   Ryan Powell
 A10 NUCS Fury 10 Highland 0526-06DB10-1909   Ryan Gardner
 B1 Provo Fury FC - 01 - BU10 Provo 0562-01RB10-0012   Kimball Hodges
 B2 Shooters SC 10 CO Springville 0537-01DB10-1285   Chris Owens
 B3 Shooters SC 10 Medina Spanish Fork 0537-01DB10-1289   Juan Medina
 B4 NUCS Los Cuervos 10 Highland 0526-06DB10-1818   David Parra
 B5 NUCS Raptors 10 Highland 0526-06DB10-1930   David Clegg
 B6 NUCS Strikers 10 Cedar Hills 0526-06DB10-1916   Eric Larsen
 B7 NUCS Thunder 10 Lehi 0526-06DB10-1911   Casey Egbert
 B8 NUCS Thundercats 10 Lehi 0526-06DB10-1903   Clint Karren
 B9 NUCS Titans 10 Lehi 0526-06DB10-1958   Cody Robertson
 B10 NUCS Venom 10 Highland 0526-06DB10-1943   Jared Knudsen
 B11 NUCS Warhawks 10 Lehi 0526-06DB10-1960   Jason Karrels

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