Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2017/18 State Gaming League tournament for the age group.
Boys 13U North B 10 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 BE UNITED 05 CR Brigham City 0764-01CB13-4807   Chad Ricks
 A2 Utah Surf Davis 05 DP Bountiful 0457-03CB13-0082   Donald Perry
 A3 Morgan Valley United (L30) - B05- TD Mountain Green 0430-04CB13-0010   Travis DeVere
 A4 Utah Surf Davis 05 ZA Bountiful 0457-03CB13-0130   Zack Angelos
 A5 Forza FC 05 TA Farmington 0446-02CB13-0246   Tyler Amerman
 A6 SCSL FC Titan Warriors 05' SS Wellsville 0750-01CB13-5201   Shawn Smith
 A7 AYSO UNITED 05 JJ West Haven 0130-02CB13-0075   Joseph Jatip
 A8 L30 Thunder B05- RP Layton 0430-01CB13-0322   Ryan Pearce
 A9 Strikers CT Kaysville 0437-01CB13-0240   Clint Taylor
 A10 Strikers MP Layton 0437-01CB13-0242   Matthew Pack