Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2021 Fall SCL, IRL, XL tournament for the age group.
Boys 14U Division 3 10 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Nebo United Soccer Club
Nebo United 08 - TR
0538-01CB14-2306   Travis Russell
 A2 Wasatch Soccer Club
Wasatch SC '08B - CM
0402-01CB14-0279   Charles Miller
 A3 Utah Soccer Alliance
USA Premier 08B - TT
0202-01RB14-9378   Samir Uvejzovic
 A4 League 30
L30 Saucedo Futbol Club B08 (Metro)
0430-01CB14-0810   Martin Saucedo
 A5 Utah Surf SC (R5)
Utah Surf 08 SH
0457-01CB14-0053   Samuel Hickman
 A6 Northern Utah United
Northern Utah United '08B Tanner Navy
0763-03CB14-4821   Stony Tanner
 A7 Vipers FC
Vipers FC - B08 DN (L30)
0430-13CB14-0404   Dustin Nicholls
 A8 Copper Mountain Soccer
Copper Mountain 08 JG/AC
0213-01CB14-8674   Jeffery Gaisford
 A9 UCSC Competitive
UCSC Steel Titans 08
0526-07CB14-1724   Tawan Ratanawan
 A10 Copper Mountain Soccer
Copper Mountain 08 CB
0213-01CB14-0063   Christopher Barnes