Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2021 Spring Orem Youth Soccer tournament for the age group.
Boys Under 8 Div 1 14 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 BU8D1T01-Aspen/Lindon/Rocky Mountain VIneyard 0529-05RB08-2001   Esther Patch
 A2 BU08D1T02-Cascade Orem 0529-05RB08-2002   Steven Snell
 A3 BU08D1T03-Cherry Hill/Westmore Orem 0529-05RB08-2003   Nicholas Stoddard
 A4 BU08D1T04-Foothill Orem 0529-05RB08-2004   Jared Lees
 A5 BU08D1T05-Northridge/Orchard/Windsor Orem 0529-05RB08-2005   Marshall Paxson
 A6 BU08D1T06-Orem Orem 0529-05RB08-2006   Casey Sullivan
 A7 BU08D1T07-Scera Park Orem 0529-05RB08-2007   Brian Hardman
 A8 BU8D1T08-Vineyard A Vineyard 0529-05RB08-2008   Joel Robbins
 A9 BU08D1T09- Vineyard B Orem 0529-05RB08-2009   Whitney Thomas
 A10 BU08D1T10-Bonneville/Geneva/Suncrest Orem 0529-05RB08-2010   Kyle Bilbao
 A11 BU08D1T11-Vineyard C n/a 0529-05RB08-2011   n/a
 A12 BU08D1T12-Cascade/Northridge/Orchard Orem 0529-05RB08-2012   Kevin Clayson
 A13 BU8D1T13-Central Orem Orem 0529-05RB08-2013   Travis Hawkins
 A14 BU08D1T14-North Orem Orem 0529-05RB08-2014   Anna Lisa Moncur