Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2020 Spring Orem Youth Soccer tournament for the age group.
COED 10 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 CoedU19T01 CherryHill/Westmore Orem 0529-05RB19-0119   Curtis Isaak
 A2 CoedU19T02 Hillcrest Orem 0529-05RB19-0120   Jake Liechty
 A3 CoedU19T03 Hillcrest/SceraPark n/a 0529-05RB19-0121   n/a
 A4 CoedU19T04 Orem Orem 0529-05RB19-0122   Daryl Smith
 A5 CoedU19T05 Orem/Vineyard Provo 0529-05RB19-0123   Dave Nabrotzky
 A6 CoedU19T06 Vineyard Orem 0529-05RB19-0124   Juan Mijares
 A7 CoedU19T07 SceraPark Orem 0529-05RB19-0125   Korey Larsen
 A8 CoedU19T08 Aspen/Bonneville/RM Lindon 0529-05RB19-0126   Richard Esplin
 A9 CoedU19T09 Foothill/Northridge Vineyard 0529-05RB19-0142   Todd Gomm
 A10 CoedU19T10 Orchard Orem 0529-05RB19-0143   Logan Allred