Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 Spring Impact United Rec tournament for the age group.
U12 Coed 18 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Benson, T - Wasatch Jr - BU12 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB12-0340   Troy Benson
 A2 Brand - Driggs - BU11 Holladay 0121-01RB11-0338   Richard Brand
 A3 Carlston - Crestview - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0337   Peter Carlston
 A4 Chamberlain - Dilworth - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0329   Clark Chamberlain
 A5 Clayton - Highland Park - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0330   Adam Clayton
 A6 Harkness - Crestview - BU12 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB12-0352   Steve Harkness
 A7 Harrison, J - Rosecrest - BU11 Holladay 0121-01RB11-0331   Jeff Harrison
 A8 Healey, T - Wasatch Jr - BU12 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB12-0341   Travis Healey
 A9 Jackson - Crestview - BU11 Holladay 0121-01RB11-0332   Steve Jackson
 A10 Medsker - Wasatch Jr - BU12 Murray 0121-01RB12-0350   J Medsker
 A11 Nichols - Highland Park - BU12 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB12-0349   Scott Nichols
 A12 Nielsen - Upland Terrace - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0333   Dave Nielsen
 A13 Oyarzun - Eastwood - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0339   Mark Miller
 A14 Rassoul-Agha - Whittier - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0334   Firas Rassoul-Agha
 A15 Savage - Bonneville - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0335   Ryan Savage
 A16 Spratling - Driggs - BU12 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB12-0342   Ronald Spratling
 A17 Swanwick - MCS - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0375   David Swanwick
 A18 Vorkink - Morningside - BU11 Salt Lake City 0121-01RB11-0336   Mike Vorkink