Shown below is the list of all applied teams for the 2021 Coyote Cup tournament for the age group.


Boys 12-U 12 - Final Acceptance Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
7 Elite Academy 09B South 0207-02SB12-0232 7 Elite Academy Utah - SU IRL Saint George Nick Nield Final Acceptance    
AYSO UNITED SLC B09 - AB 0130-01XB12-0198 AYSO METRO Sandy Angelo Bournakis Final Acceptance    
Comba FC 09B Yellow 0128-01XB12-0801 Comba FC West Jordan Gabriel Anguiano Final Acceptance    
FCM STORM 0814-02SB12-0026 FC Mesquite Comp Mesquite Jhonatan Pantelakis Final Acceptance    
La Roca- N. Gomez 0436-05XB12-0246 La Roca SLC West Jordan Nefi Gomez Final Acceptance    
UAFC - JA '09B 0531-02XB12-2002 Utah Arsenal FC Pleasant Grove Jordan Walker Final Acceptance    
USA Premier 09B - DK 0202-01SB12-9406 Utah Soccer Alliance South Jordan Dick Kunz Final Acceptance    
UYSA Test Tournament Team n/a Sandy Kylee Young Final Acceptance    
Voltage FC 09B CC 0524-02XB12-0031 Voltage FC Helper Chad Cowdell Final Acceptance    
Wasatch SC 09B - CD 0402-01XB12-1271 Wasatch Soccer Club Kaysville Colten Davis Final Acceptance    
Wasatch SC 09B - TF 0402-01XB12-1274 Wasatch Soccer Club Farmington Trevor Farnes Final Acceptance    
WestSide SC 09B 0299-02XB12-0036 WestSide SC West Valley Raymundo Mondragon Final Acceptance    
12 Final Acceptance Teams

Boys 12-U 1 - Withdrawn Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
L30 Ginga City FC B09 0430-01XB12-0712 League 30 Syracuse Grayson Wilcox Withdrawn    
1 Withdrawn Teams