Shown below are the proposed venues for the tournament games.
Age Group Bracket
15/16 HS Girls Provisional
Date: 9/12,9/15,9/16,9/17,9/18,9/20,9/22,9/23,9/25,9/29,9/30,10/3,10/6,10/7,10/9,10/11,10/13,10/14,10/20,10/21,10/23,10/27
Venue: Weber County Fairgrounds
Not In Use
Roy West Park
Ponds Park
Grandview Park
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16/18 HS Girls Provisional
Date: 9/16,9/17,9/18,9/22,9/26,9/29,9/30,10/2,10/4,10/6,10/8,10/11,10/14,10/15,10/16,10/20,10/21,10/23,10/25,10/27,10/29
Venue: Ellison Park
Bernard Fisher Park
Ponds Park
Weber County Fairgrounds
Fairfield Jr.
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