Tournament Notice:

Due to weather conditions some games are being rescheduled.  We will get them posted as quickly as possible.

Please check your schedule more than once so you don't miss any changes. 

Follow the link below for the appropriate age group to find your team's age group roster, schedule and results. Please note all schedules are subject to change. If grayed out, the option is not available at this time. To find out the venues, please click on the "Venue Info" below.


Boys Girls
  Champion Finalist     Published
Boys Under 9   Brackets   Schedule & Results       Standings   Statistics    5/17/2023 8:58:00 AM
Boys Under 10   Brackets   Schedule & Results       Standings   Statistics    5/29/2023 11:41:00 AM
Boys Under 11   Brackets   Schedule & Results       Standings   Statistics    5/19/2023 8:10:00 AM
Boys Under 12 Blue   Brackets   Schedule & Results NUCS Fury 11 NUCS Northern Peaks JM 11 Standings Statistics    5/14/2023 8:27:00 AM
Boys Under 12 Green   Brackets   Schedule & Results     Standings Statistics    5/29/2023 11:41:00 AM
Boys Under 13 Blue   Brackets   Schedule & Results     Standings Statistics    5/13/2023 9:18:00 AM
Boys Under 13 Green   Brackets   Schedule & Results     Standings Statistics    5/22/2023 10:22:00 AM
Boys Under 14   Brackets   Schedule & Results Shooters SC 08 Fillmore NUCS Ravens FC 09 Standings Statistics    5/20/2023 5:46:00 PM
Boys Under 15   Brackets   Schedule & Results     Standings Statistics    5/16/2023 8:18:00 PM
High School Boys   Brackets   Schedule & Results NUCS Fire 07 NUCS Laguneros 06 Standings Statistics    5/13/2023 6:37:00 PM